Product Disclaimers

Acrylic goods

  • Please peel off protective film on both sides.
    • All acrylic goods are made with the illustration sandwiched between the acrylic plastic so that they won’t scratch as easily; no need to worry about damaging it while peeling!
  • Please do not leave them directly exposed to sunlight for a long time. 
  • Diorama stand may have a strong plastic smell after opening; this will go away the next day!


Fabric goods

  • Please machine wash and dry all fabric items with gentle cycle or hand wash. (Glasses cleaners can be washed on other cycles)
  • Please wash blankets and plushies before using.
  • Plushies may need some fluffing up when opened. Please feel free to punch it into desired shape. :)
  • The glasses cleaners will be stiff when opened. It will soften after use. (You can rub it between your hands to soften it quicker.)


Mousepads & Deskmats

  • Please wash gently by hand. Submerge item in warm water and carefully scrub using a soft cleaning brush with soap. Let it air dry.
  • Miori’s oppai mousepad is firmer than your average oppai mousepad. It will gradually soften with use.
  • Because white cannot be printed onto rubber deskmats, the teatime deskmat colors are inaccurate to the illustration. (All customers who purchased a teatime deskmat before the price adjustment will have received some extra goods. My apologies again T_T)


Bottle & soju glass

  • Please wash with a soft sponge or brush. (Never use steel wool, as it may scratch the printing.)
  • Bottle can withstand temperatures from -10°C to 100°C. (Please don’t boil them.)

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